Value Captured

Device Cycles is reinventing the way we think about
technology by capturing the residual value that
exists beyond the product life.

Repurposing devices to
communities around the world.

Trade-in Programs

Our trade-in program for education institutions offers a seamless process that maximizes the residual value of Apple devices while allowing you to reinvest towards your next technology upgrade.

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Our customized trade-in programs provides complete transparency with return on investments allowing to keep track of devices in real-time with a client dashboard.

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Device Cycles's rapid trade-to-sale program provides businesses with a meticulous system to capitalize on the value of technology's extended life cycle allowing our partners to generate profitability.

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Device Cycles partners with communities and schools through our philanthropic programs. We are committed to bringing positive change to the world one community at a time.

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E-waste causes harm to our planet.
Our approach is to make an impact by:

Preventing millions of devices from being thrown into landfills.

Increasing the lifespan of the product through refurbishment.

Disposing e-waste in an eco-friendly manner.

Protect the environment by
extending a device's life.

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how you can partner with Device Cycles.

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