Designed Value Add Reports and
Tracking Built For You

Device Cycles help you and your business see the Return on Investment for the technology you use everyday. As technology advances,  Apple, Samsung, or other secondary devices being used by your employees still retain their value. With Device Cycles, we provide solutions and services that allow you to keep track of the entire process in real-time.

Account Overview

To help you we’ve created an account overview that highlights value add reports. Our trade-in history details each quote being processed and allows you to see full visibility of the entire trade-in process from time request to shipment tracking, processing and payment. With a Robust transparent and detailed asset tracking system you can access data in real-time anywhere you’re located. Other valuable tools can be accessed through a user-friendly software application.

Data Security

Technology is a part of everyday life. From online shopping to net banking, technology plays a critical role in our lives. The threat of cyber attacks and data leaks are now more prevalent than ever, and data security is growing to be more important by the day. Leading state-of-the-art software is used to clear all personal data by utilizing NIST 800-88 standards ensures all of your data-even Cloud data-has been securely erased with no way of retrieval. Every single device will include a certificate of data destruction, giving you the peace of mind that your data is properly disposed of..

Customizable dashboards are a powerful way to report and keep track on what is best for your business. Device Cycles creates customizable dashboard, which will allow you to manage your trade-in, collection, and processing of your devices in real-time. Whether you need solutions for your corporate locations or for individual employees, our dashboard can be customized to address your most elusive business objective and allows you to efficiently solve the challenges you may face.


The Device Cycles platform is fully integrated to integrate with your MDM or asset tracker system allowing you to get full insights through the lifecycle management of every device.

Detailed Reporting

Running a business is difficult enough, so we help you by providing detailed tracking reports of every individual device you trade-in. With the amount of technology you use everyday for your business it gets difficult to keep track of all the devices being sold. Our detailed analytics and reports allow you to see a holistic view of your device lifecycle performance. Past or current transactions are shown so can use this information to better guide your company towards financial sustainability.


Device Cycles creates custom device trade-in solutions that generate financial value.
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