Major Brands

Your Customers’ Futures Are In Your Hands

Provide Incremental Value to Your Customers

Wireless carriers, retailers, e-commerce merchants, and major brands provide an increase in profitability and customer satisfaction, for both new and returning customers. Our solutions will assist in your in store promotions by performing device trade-in transactions. This will allow your customers to offset the cost of a new device, or use credit towards other products and services that you may offer.

AI Photo Image Capture

Our photo-cosmetic tool transforms the way you evaluate the condition of your customers’ devices. AI and machine learning drives innovation, and allows you to eliminate any pre- or post- inspection price. Maximizing the value of used devices increases traffic and brand loyalty.

Device Collection

We integrate and manage your trade-ins through your retail store, e-commerce website, or mobile application. Cross-platform collection integration will increase flow through your programs.

Device Processing

Our solutions allow us to quickly process the devices collected through your trade-in programs. The collected devices go through an extensive step by step process from time received, data clearance, and device resell. Device Cycles will take care of all the logistics for you, while providing the necessary tools for you to keep track of the entire process from start to finish


What was once an unpredictable secondary-used market can now be understood and captured in the palm of your hand. Our market analysis dashboard allows you to see an overview of business insights, real-time market values, and much more. Obtaining this information reduces risk management for your trade-in programs.

Global Device Auction

Device Cycles has a presence across four continents, enabling more than 3,000 active customers to participate in our Global device auctions. With our worldwide auctions, we manage to achieve the highest selling rates in the market.


Device Cycles creates custom device trade-in solutions that generate financial value.
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