About Us

About Us

Device Cycles, one of the world’s leading providers of device trade-in and reuse solutions helps organizations capture the existing value of used mobile and technology devices. We provide the technology and solutions that maximize sustainability efforts into delivering added value opportunities, exceptional services, & transparency throughout the entire process.

Who We Are

Device Cycles is the leading provider in technology and solutions that enable organizations to capture the existing residual value of secondary-used devices. We’re defining the way people think about  technology by extending the life of devices and making them accessible to everyone in the world, while making an impact on the environment.

How we’re changing the industry

Our offerings presents an added value to our partners that generate financial value by extending the life cycle of devices. We take part in the growing $52.5B secondary used market industry where we take part into creating economic opportunities. Our solutions will change the way we maximize the value of everyday technology. With a commitment of transparency through the added value solutions and technology we are on a path to a more revolution reuse solutions.


Device Cycles creates custom device trade-in solutions that generate financial value.
Discover how we’re creating a path to a reusable revolution