Global Device Auctions

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Global Device auctions is a program that allows you to purchase wholesale used-secondary devices to redistribute through your channels. As a provider of technology products and services we have global partners that give you access to to participate on our Global Device Auctions.

Increase Profitability (No Middle Man)

Our Global Device Sales Auctions program allows you to purchase products directly at a profitable margin. Unlike traditional distributors or brokers that purchase devices to resell to you, our reputation in our strategic sourcing network has grown tremendously, and our material volumes have seen significant growth for mobile, tablet, and laptop devices.


For eCommerce Merchants

With the device auctions we provide, you’re able to remarket our used secondary products to your global ecommerce websites allowing an increase revenue and consistency  of products to sell on your channels.

For Distributors

All devices are consumer packaged goods can be packaged in bulk and ready for distribution throughout your Global customers.

For Insurance Companies

We receive 14-day or Grade A like new devices from our trade-in which allows you to utilize these products for your insurance programs

For Refurbishers

For refurbishers in Asia, Europe or other continents, we provide devices for refurbishment and redistribution allowing you to make an impact in the environment and contributing to sustainability efforts.


We are currently not accepting applications for any brokers at this time.

What are the requirements to Participate in our Auctions?

  • – New Buyer Application Form
  • – Resale certificate


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